Taking the leap

"It all became real once “if we go travelling” turned into “when we go travelling."
That was our first step in taking the leap. Accepting that ‘travelling’ was no longer an idle daydream, but a serious, set-in-stone plan that we were working towards.

After all, it’s easy to daydream about quitting your job and travelling the world. It isn’t so easy to face the harsh reality of leaving behind family, friends, jobs and security in return for the unknown.

Three years into our relationship, we knew we wanted more out of life. We were very happy together, but we were bored with everyday life.

We were lucky to have good jobs, a nice house, and regular holidays. Yet we found ourselves constantly consumed by the grind of the daily commute, the UK’s endless grey skies and all of life’s responsibilities.

Life wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t what we wanted for the rest of our lives. The decision was an easy one.

In February 2017, we put our house on the market. We also started saving whatever we could, with a goal to leave the UK at the beginning of 2018.

As is often the case (for us, at least!), life didn’t quite go to plan. When our house sale fell through in June 2017, our hopes of saving enough money to fund our dream seemed pretty much impossible. However, we agreed that there was no turning back. Travelling was what we desperately wanted to do, so our house went back on the market.

This time, luck was on our side, and we finally completed our sale in November 2017.

Since then, time has passed us by in what feels like seconds, and the reality of leaving everything behind has quickly crept up on us.

Now, exactly one year on from our ‘first step’, we’re almost ready to take the leap.

On 26th February 2018, we’re hopping on a one-way flight to Singapore. We haven’t put a time limit on our adventure, we’re just going to see where the road takes us.

We’re finally taking the leap, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey!